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A protocol for decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Cross-blockchain cryptocurrency exchange among users on Atomic Swap technology.

Alpha version

Right in browser performance

Our solution works on Javascript that’s why an exchange is possible even via a mobile phone

Instant exchange

On average, the exchange takes 1 minute

Fraud defense

An exchange takes place right in blockchains independently from centralized entities such as server capacity, domain activities, and DNS service.

Swap.up Button
B2B solution for cryptoprojects funding

Swap.up Button is a script enabling the exchange of cryptocurrency for cryptoproject tokens with a single click.


Broadens the circle of potential investors

Offer the users a wide selection of investing methods in one window – exchange Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, and Tether for the tokens of your project.


Adaptation for any project

Swap.up Button is easily adapted and built in business process of any company.


The solution deals with a large number of cryptocurrency and tokens

Theoretically, the technology can engage with the majority of cryptocurrency except for those ones without script language.

If there is a need to accept cryptocurrency to your projects, contact us and we will find a solution.

Solutions for
market makers

The users don’t have to keep their funds in Swap.Online wallet to start
an exchange. Anyone can make an order and accept
someone else’s without actual funds available.

The participants have 10 min to top up a deal account.


No one can freeze funds or suspend an order

The exchange takes place right in a blockchain, and private wallet keys are stored by users.



In Swap.Online protocol no one can prevent the others from performing deals.